Life Update

Life Update

Hey everyone! Haven’t written a blog post in a long time, so here’s an update of what’s been going on in my life.


I am currently Grade 8 and there’s homework that need to be finished and tons of study sessions that need to be done. Especially since I’ll be taking my high school placement test next month! School right now is pretty chill and not that stressful. I think what’s important is that you know how to prioritize and manage your time ( I’ll save the rest for another blog post ).


Not much has happened lately but I’ve been practicing more songs on the guitar and ukulele ( I’ve been playing for more than one year ). I’ve also been trying to fix my Instagram feed by changing the theme to also make it a bit organized. Oh, you can follow me @doodlewithmars ( lol, shameless plug ). Also, I’m now accepting commissions and collaborations! You can email me at .


Luckily, I was able to make some art, fix my workspace and add more postcards or art prints on my wall. Speaking of art, I’ve been taking lots of photos with the Canon 60D ( It was a hand-me-down from my dad ). I’m part of the photography club in my school and all of us were told to go to different clubs to take pictures and I was sent to Cooking Club 8. It was a fun experience and I think I got some good shots =).


That’s all for this blog post and I promise to make more! Hope you’re all having a good day!

June 2017 Music Playlist

June 2017 Music Playlist

Hello! Since June is about to end, here are the songs that I have been listening to for the past month 😊.


Of Sound Mind and Memory EP by Reese Lansangan – It has 4 songs and I absolutely love listening to all of them, especially when I’m journaling or when I’m just doing something on my desk. All of the songs ( in my opinion ) have a calming melody which makes it even harder for me not to sing along 😂. Definitely one of my favorites and always will be.

Wonderful & Never Feeling Lonely Again by Nate Punzalan – I knew about his music because of his YouTube Channel. I just enjoy listening to it because the meaning of his songs really get to me since they’re all about our loving God. Check out his soundcloud!

Energy by Hillsong Young & Free – What else can I say? I just love their music so much that I even performed one of their songs during my guitar recital. If you’re into Christian music, I definitely suggest listening to them!

Something Different by Why Don’t We – I discovered their music literally just a few weeks ago and I sing to their songs everyday because they’re so catchy. They do have other songs as well which I have already listened to but for now, this song has got to be my favorite.


Ultralife by Oh Wonder – I have been listening to this pop duo for a while now and even though their songs have the same style, I still enjoy listening to their music.

Snow Tip Cap Mountain by The Octopus Project – It may not have lyrics but this tune has been stuck in my head for days now. It’s like a mix of a keyboard and a xylophone playing. It’s such a nice tune to play when you want to relax, meditate or even fall asleep.


Sign of The Times and Sweet Creature by Harry Styles – I never was a huge One Direction fan but when I listened to his new songs, It kind of made me feel like I was in a different place and that I was in an emotional roller coaster. I don’t know why?! But tell me if you feel the same way 😂

DNA by Lia Marie Johnson – This is quite a sad song. I don’t really listen to Lia Marie Johnson that much but I guess I like the song because the meaning is deep. I’m just happy that she was brave enough to get those words out from her real life experiences to make it into a song.

There For You by Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan – I enjoy listening to this song because first of all, Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan. Two very popular artists who collabed to make an amazing song! What?! Second of all, I think it’s just a really nice song to dance to and it’s great how it tells that it’s important to have respect and reciprocity in all relationships.

That’s all for my June 2017 Music Playlist! I hope you discovered some new music because of this post and hopefully you’ll try to give it a go to listen to different songs from different types of genres 😊🎶.

– Mars


How and Why I Got Into Hand Lettering and Doodling

How and Why I Got Into Hand Lettering and Doodling

During Christmas 2015, I received a book entitled ” The ABC’s of Hand Lettering ” as a present but I didn’t read it as much until around February 2016. Before I read the book, I didn’t know what to expect since I didn’t fully understand what hand lettering was. After I finished the book, I already wanted to get my hands on the materials I needed and officially started practicing around 1 month later. I was also able to start an art account on Instagram because my aim was, and still, is to see my progress and to hopefully inspire other people. I then signed up for my very first art workshop which was around April or May 2016. Since I was so excited for it, I couldn’t sleep the night before! The workshop was held in Fully Booked BGC and it was called ” Letters and Colors “. It was hosted by two of my favorite artists, Abbey Sy and Tippy Go of Googly Gooeys. It was quite nerve-racking but I was also really happy at the same time.

IMG_0002.JPGA few months later, I wanted to start doodling again since I’ve always had a love for arts and crafts and drawing ever since I was little ( I guess I got it from my dad since he draws as well ). So, I decided to join another workshop called ” Watercolor Doodles ” which was also hosted by Tippy Go. It was a fun workshop because I learned lots of new tips and tricks. With that, I also tried brush lettering. I still continue to post my works on Instagram and seeing how far I’ve come is literally one of the best feelings in the world.IMG_0003

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you in the next one! 😊

– Mars ✨

The Start of Something New

The Start of Something New

Hello there! I’m Mars, a letterer and doodler from the Philippines who has a passion for art and music. Ever since I started my Instagram account, I’ve stumbled upon tons of blogs with different themes and different personalities which inspired me to make one myself. I may not be the best at writing but I’ve always had this thing for sharing my thoughts online and spreading positivity and all around good vibes. Speaking of positivity and good vibes, I like to think about the phrase “seize the day” because this reminds me to enjoy every day that passes by. I want to share this with all of you because I want to inspire people to do the same.

And with that said, Welcome to seizingtheseason!